Solace Counseling

Rachel Starmer, MACC, LPC & Bill Arnold, MDiv, MACC, LPC, CAADC, CAGCS

We are two licensed psychotherapists pooling our resources to offer care and support to individuals and couples in need. We have different experiences, interests, gifts, and talents that weave together to make us the therapists we are. Find out more about each of us here.

Why Solace?

Naming is powerful business. Names help us share our past stories, where we want to go, and what’s in the way. Naming and renaming helps us identify who we are in our world.

So choosing a name for this partnership was an important endeavor. We struggled to identify a name for the counseling practice and services we had both dreamt of, hoped for, studied for, and spent years individually preparing for.  We discarded name after name—for many reasons, but mostly because they just didn’t fit into what we envisioned providing to you our clients (patrons). 

In the end, it was a moment of revelation when talking about why another name did not fit that we found our name. One of us said, “What I really want to provide is solace.” We realized we had our name. We want to provide our clients with solace: comfort in a time of distress. We want to share with those searching to work through the aches, anguish, and agony of life events a safe space. We want to journey with those whose childhood trauma is reflected in the pain of an addictive lifestyle, hearing and reflecting on the stories of those whose life were a bittersweet combination of delight as well as distress and depression, sorting through coping behaviors and celebrating moments of peace and resiliency.  

In choosing the name Solace Counseling, Rachel and Bill share in a mission as consolers who are tasked with extending relief, compassion, comfort and consolation in journeys with those learning to grow through difficult experiences.

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