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Rachel Starmer, MACC, LPC

With years of experience as an editor prior to becoming a psychotherapist, Rachel specializes in insight-oriented, narrative, and spiritually-integrated approaches. Telling stories, paying attention to how others tell stories, and how we incorporate these into our beliefs about ourselves and others is an important part of therapy. She also incorporates art, music, and other modalities to help clients understand themselves, their ways of being, and avenues for change. Her goal  is to help people identify and use strengths, interests, gifts, and resiliencies to work through areas of difficulty.  

Rachel received a BA in English from Davidson College and a MA in Clinical Counseling from Moravian Theological Seminary. She has worked in community and addiction agencies, in schools through the SAP program, and in private practice.

She offers psychotherapy to individuals and couples. She offers help with life transitions, relationships, identity issues, depression, anxiety, maintaining sobriety, and childhood and relationship trauma.

Rachel is now seeing clients through Inner Resources Counseling.


Bill brings over forty-five years of experience as a hospital and nursing home chaplain, ordained clergy person, certified senior advisor, grief and addiction counselor, and community support group facilitator to this new practice and his desire to assist others as they sort through their traumas of daily living. As a Certified Advanced Grief Counseling Specialist (CAGCS) he incorporates evidence-based counseling strategies that can help those in the midst of grief find meaning after a loss. Bill delights in supporting others as they explore the trails that have brought them to the present moment and sharing in the discovery of new options and opportunities for tomorrow.

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Teletherapy at (610)-217-1070 and warnold1007@gmail.com

Rachel Starmer, MACC, LPC

484-893-0340 • rstarmermacc@gmail.com

Rachel is currently seeing clients through Inner Resources Counseling

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